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O Bico de Gás

Segunda-feira, 29.09.08

A ler...

Let me cut to the chase. The biggest robbery in the history of this country is taking place as you read this. Though no guns are being used, 300 million hostages are being taken. Make no mistake about it: After stealing a half trillion dollars to line the pockets of their war-profiteering backers for the past five years, after lining the pockets of their fellow oilmen to the tune of over a hundred billion dollars in just the last two years, Bush and his cronies -- who must soon vacate the White House -- are looting the U.S. Treasury of every dollar they can grab. They are swiping as much of the silverware as they can on their way out the door.

No matter what they say, no matter how many scare words they use, they are up to their old tricks of creating fear and confusion in order to make and keep themselves and the upper one percent filthy rich. Just read the first four paragraphs of the lead story in last Monday's New York Times and you can see what the real deal is:

"Even as policy makers worked on details of a $700 billion bailout of the financial industry, began looking for ways to profit from it.

"Financial firms were lobbying to have all manner of troubled investments covered, not just those related to mortgages.

"At the same time, investment firms were jockeying to oversee all the assets that Treasury plans to take off the books of financial institutions, a role that could earn them hundreds of millions of dollars a year in fees.

"Nobody wants to be left out of Treasury's proposal to buy up bad assets of financial institutions."

Unbelievable. Wall Street and its backers created this mess and now they are going to clean up like bandits. Even Rudy Giuliani is lobbying for his firm to be hired (and paid) to "consult" in the bailout.

The problem is, nobody truly knows what this "collapse" is all about. Even Treasury Secretary Paulson admitted he doesn't know the exact amount that is needed (he just picked the $700 billion number out of his head!). The head of the congressional budget office said he can't figure it out nor can he explain it to anyone.[...]

Michael Moore


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Segunda-feira, 29.09.08

Democracias disfuncionais

«Berlusconi quer impor o modelo de Putin" - JN

Embora a procura de um inimigo exterior e o nacionalismo de Chavez e Ahmadinejad os façam aproximar dos antigos regimes fascistas, não tenhamos ilusões, as (ainda) democracias que rumam no caminho do (já não tão subtil) autoritarismo é que são o maior perigo para uma cidadania em liberdade.

As políticas legislativas avulsas e cirúrgicas, que fazem também parte desse autoritarismo, seguidas em Itália ou na Rússia, não foram escrutinadas pelos cidadão, e são feitas à sua revelia.

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